PersisGen Accelerator

Production of recombinant drugs and human vaccines

Production of medicine with Persis Gene brand

Contract production for CMOs

Accelerator and Technology Services (CRO)

Technology design and development

Technical Knowledge Transfer and Scale Up

Writing a medication file

Technology startups usually need specialized laboratory and infrastructure equipment to work on their idea.

In most cases, market is not available for technology startups and serious measures need to be taken for access to market.

Technology startups are less attractive for non-specialized investors due to difficult and time-consuming access to technology as compared to service startups.

The common acceleration pattern such as funding event, Seed Money, receiving stock and … are not necessarily suitable for technology accelerator.

Status of Present Groups in Accelerator

Sepehr Darou Farjam (Exit from Accelerator in 2019)0%
Novin Darou Zist Fanavar Haraz (Exit from Accelerator in 2018)0%
Padra Seram (جذب سرمایه بخش خصوصی و استقرار در مرکز رشد)0%
Arsis Zist Darou (Exit from Accelerator in 2019)0%
Atin Gen Rad (Exit from Accelerator in 2019)0%
Meduk Zist Darou (جذب سرمایه بخش خصوصی و احداث کارخانه تولید)0%
Karen Farmed0%
Protein Fanavar Pajouh (Exit from Accelerator in 2018)0%
Arna Gen Farmed (Exit from Accelerator in 2018)0%
Radin Zist Fanavar (Exit from Accelerator in 2018)0%
Zist Fanavar TahaGen (Exit from Accelerator in 2018)0%
Avin Zist Kimia Dadeh (Exit from Accelerator in 2018)0%
Rastak Gen (Exit from Accelerator in 2018)0%

Examples of Persis Gene Accelerator
Outgoing Companies

Status After Acceleration:
Attracting private sector capital and deploying in the growth center


Year entered the market: 2018

Direct created employment: 23

Status After Acceleration:
Recruiting private sector capital and construction of a factory in Baharestan industrial park


Year entered the market: 2018

Direct created employment: 70

Status After Acceleration:
Attracting private sector capital and deploying in the growth center


Year entered the market: 2018

Direct created employment: 50

Status After Acceleration:
Attracting private sector capital and deploying in the growth center


Year entered the market: 2018

Direct created employment: 60


Monoclonal Antibody

Human Serum

Human Vaccine

Recombinant Proteins

Plasma drived product

Animal Vaccines

PersisGen Accelerator Future Programs

Expertise Diversification

Launching stem cells accelerator of PersisGen in Kharazmi University with a focus on stem cells technologies

Brand Awareness

Defining technology accelerator for the audience out of biotechnology industry; raising awareness about nature of accelerator for audience in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry

Geographical Development

Developing PersisGen business model and launching PersisGen branch offices in Shiraz, Tabriz and Urmia in order to reconnoiter experts from various parts of Iran in the biopharmaceuticals field.

Features of Biopharmaceutical Industry

Manufacturing Countries

A few countries have ventured production of biological medicines due to patent issues and its knowledge/capital intensive nature.

Target Community

Biological medicines are basically produced for special and refractory diseases such as cancer and autoimmune disease.


It has a long term of output and requires a high investment volume.


Manufacturing biological medicines is a highly technical complicated process.

Security and Independence

Country’s pharmaceutical security in the field of biological medicines is of high importance (in terms of cost and access).

Production and Consumption Conditions

Biological medicines must be administered by injection and stored refrigerated.

Term of Production

Clinical trial period is minimum 1.5 to 2 years and course of production is at least 5 years for biological medicines.

Employment of Educated Individuals

Manufacturing biological medicines is featured by high rate of educated people employment.

PersisGen Available Services

The technology team supplies consumables in addition to knowledge and manpower.

Not receiving stock from technology teams to protect freedom of operation, and at the same time, non provision of seed money.

Infrastructural facilities, including physical space, lab, human resource, mentorship, technical training and general business training, and the last but not least, commitment to sell resulted technology

Conducting training courses on business establishment and governance as well as administrative support including company’s registration, obtaining commercial card, assisting access to knowledge-based certificate and … through companies providing commercialization services.

The venue for receiving loan and/or concluding VC agreement with a preferable interest rate through biotechnology development headquarters

The pre-acceleration period is 2-4 months and the acceleration period is 15-20 months for technology teams

PersisGen Accelerator Distinctive Features

Distinctive Business Model

Not receiving stock of technology companies during acceleration period of income generation from providing technical services and soliciting outsourced projects

Diversity in Partnership Models

Adoption of diverse models of partnership for different beneficiaries such as technology teams, investors, production companies, companies that need services and …

Technology-based Accelerator

Focus on specialized startups acceleration in the field of biotechnologies and stem cells and substantive distinction and difference with accelerators in service and IT domains

Corporate Venture Capital

Supply of infrastructure required by admitted technology startups and solicit investor and guarantee investment for technologies made by technology teams

Deep understanding of both sides of supply and demand (technology and market)

Analysis of real needs of industry, government and market and analysis of imported biomedicines as priorities of admitting technology teams

Achievements of Iranian Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Industry



in production of biopharmaceuticals in Asia after Japan


million Dollar

annual currency saving as a result of manufacturing biopharmaceuticals locally


employment opportunities

Employment of the most educated manpower in biopharmaceutical industry


biopharmaceutical manufacturer

companies (CinaGene, Aryogen, Pooyesh Darou and …)



Locally manufactured biopharmaceuticals (some are among the first top 10 best-selling biomedicines)



Share of biopharmaceuticals from total export of medicines (60 million from 150 million Dollar)

PersisGen Accelerator Major Objectives


Recruiting young educated manpower and creating job opportunities based on merits according to annual evaluations


Entering international markets through export and transfer of know-how based on standards of destination countries 2 years after product is introduced to the domestic market

Market Share

Maximum market share locally based on clinical trials and scientific/ theoretical methods; so as to the market share will be 20% in the initial year, increasing up to 70% within 3 years time.

Quality and Safely

High quality and safety of products, taking advantage of the modern manufacturing process of biotechnological medicines based on the latest world standards


Manufacturing biological medicines based on recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies, totally unprecedented in the country

PersisGen Organizational Values

Creativity and Innovation

Creation, presentation and implementation of new ideas in the context of improving organizational performance

Trust and Honesty

Transparency and good will towards others and building trust through conformity of thoughts, words and deeds

Respect and Dignity

Recognizing and taking into serious account of rights of others and honoring human dignity

Commitment and Accountability

Being accountable for decisions made and entrusted duties together with loyalty and compassion

Knowledge based teams and Startups in PersisGen

TOP 13 Team in PersisGen Accelerator


PersisGen Contact Info.

No. 125, 22nd km of Tehran-Karaj Makhsous road, Tehran, Iran.

+98 (21) 46074876

+98 (21) 46074876

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